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Simple Life, Happy Earth!!!

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How To Be Emotionally Healthy

Posted on 21 January, 2018 at 17:55 Comments comments (0)

Taking care of ourselves and living a healthy and happy life is not only about keeping a healthy diet and staying physically active. It is also essential to nurture our emotional well-being to be completely healthy.

Emotionally healthy people are happy people. They feel good about themselves because they are aware of and are able to manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is also easier for them to cope with life’s challenges – no matter how small or big they are.

Do you want to feel good and happy? Keep your emotions in check and your emotional health balanced. Check out these tips and steps that you can follow to be emotionally healthy:

Accept and Love Yourself

Start your emotional wellness journey by loving and accepting yourself. You may not be perfect, but you have admirable qualities and skills that you should feel good about. You will be happier and more willing to accept and love other people if you accept and love yourself first.

Find Your Purpose

Discover what makes your life more meaningful. Focus on these things and areas – whether it’s your family, career, charity work, environmental advocacy, and others – to be emotionally healthy and happy.


Express Your Feelings

Keeping your emotions bottled-up is not good. Let other people know what you feel, especially if you’re sad or angry. But make sure you do it appropriately to avoid any misunderstanding or trouble in your relationships.

Build Loving and Supportive Relationships

The relationships you build and keep have a great effect on your emotional well-being.

Surround yourself with positive and happy people and stay connected with those who give you love, care, and support.

Make Time for Some “Me Time”

While it is important for us to socialize, we should also enjoy some alone time. Read, hang out at the park, or go to the coffee shop alone. Solitude is good for your soul.

Practice Mindfulness

Relaxation or mindfulness practices, such as meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help improve your focus and emotional health. You’ll also likely gain peace of mind and renewed energy when you do so.

Explore Your Creativity

Discover your passions and hobbies and keep your creative juices flowing. Spending time doing what you love will make you feel good and happy. And that’s what emotional health and wellness is.

Look After Your Physical Health

Remember to take care of your physical health if you want to be emotionally healthy. Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and avoid bad habits and vices.

Live happily and handle whatever life throws at you in a much better way. Consider the tips we’ve shared and start taking the path toward emotional h

Easy Exercises You Can Do Even On A Busy Day

Posted on 21 January, 2018 at 17:50 Comments comments (0)

We now live in a busy, fast-paced society that juggling responsibilities has now become natural for us. But no matter how hectic our schedule is, maintaining an active lifestyle should still be a priority. It’s simply one way of taking care of ourselves to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Injecting an exercise routine or even a simple physical activity to your busy schedule may seem impossible, but it can actually be done. Take a look at these five easy exercises that you can do anywhere even on a busy day.

Easy Stretches

Stretching is a form of exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere. As soon as you get out of bed in the morning (or even while you’re still in bed), stretch your arms and legs to revitalize your body. Sitting for a long time – whether on your workstation, in the conference room, or even at the cinema – is not good for you. Take quick breaks by doing easy stretches to get your blood flowing and boost your energy.

Arm Circles

Are you too busy chatting on the phone, reading a long document, or even binge-watching Netflix? Well, you can still do arm circle exercises to stay physically active. Just extend your arms out to the sides and slowly rotate them forward/backward, making small circles. Not only will you feel energized, you’ll also have strong and toned arms.


It’s the easiest form exercise, yet it offers tremendous physical and mental benefits. Walking can help strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your balance, improve your mood, and prevent or manage various health problems. So even if you lead a busy life, take a walk to reap these benefits. Instead of driving your car or taking the bus or cab, just walk going to work, the mall, restaurant, or every time you do errands.

Steps Workout

Climbing up and down the stairs is an easy exercise that’s so effective at burning calories and strengthening your core muscles. Whether at home, in the office building, at the mall, or just about anywhere with stairs, conquer those steps and be active.

Squats and Lunges

Do you have a 9-to-5 desk job? Are you attending a whole-day seminar? Busy watching over the kids at home? Make sure you take a break once in a while and try to do lunges and squats. You can do walking lunges from your desk to the office pantry or from the kitchen to the backyard. You can also do a few squats during seminar breaks. Not only will you burn fat and build muscle. You will also stay awake and energized for the remaining activities for the day.

Being too busy shouldn’t be an excuse for not doing your exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be long, complicated, too challenging, or equipment-dependent. By doing the easy exercises above everyday, you’re already taking care of yourself. These small steps can keep you right on track toward an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

Healthy Habits To Start The Year

Posted on 21 January, 2018 at 17:45 Comments comments (0)

It’s a brand new year and a great time for a fresh start. If you think you haven’t been taking care of yourself as much as you need to, then now is your chance to make things right. And establishing healthy habits is the perfect thing for you to do.

The journey to a healthy lifestyle may not be that easy. But you can start and stick to habits that are good for your body, mind, and soul if you really wish to. Here are 10 healthy habits that you can include in your resolutions list so you can live a healthier life this year:

Get Quality Sleep

Get enough good quality sleep if you want to kick start a healthier lifestyle. Eight hours is the recommended average sleep range. Develop a consistent sleep routine and stick to a bedtime and wake up time schedule.

Drink More Water

Water is essential, so keep yourself hydrated. Start your day by drinking a glass of water and carry a bottle of water every time you go out, especially if the weather is hot. The right amount of water intake is different for everyone. But if you try the pee test and find that your urine is pale yellow, then you are likely hydrated enough.

Eat Healthy

You are what you eat. This year, try to shift to a healthier diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid too much sweets and salty foods. Also, go for organically- or naturally-produced foods and stay away from the packaged or processed ones as much as you can.


Get Moving

Be physically active! Start an exercise routine for a healthy body and mind. A 30-minute jog in the park twice a week, walking, dancing, and even taking the stairs instead of the elevator are simple yet good physical activities that you can do to be healthier this year.

Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate

Stress is everywhere in today’s busy, fast-paced world. But you need to learn to cope and beat the everyday stressors for health and longevity. No matter how busy your life is, make sure you have time for rest and recreation. Schedule a spa massage or take a relaxing vacation once in a while.

Avoid Toxic Substances

This year, lessen the toxins you intake by using organic or natural products - from your personal care items to home products. Doing so is good for your and your family’s health, as well as for the environment.



Meditation brings a lot of benefits to your overall health and well-being, so include it in your healthy habits list this year. Spend just a few minutes of your time each day to breathe, de-clutter your mind, and meditate to improve your life.

Quit Bad Habits

Replace your bad habits and vices with good ones. If you smoke, drink too much soda or alcohol, or usually stay up too late, then now is the perfect time to change, quit the habit, and focus on wellness.


Find A Hobby

Discover your passion and interests and pursue them – whether it’s reading, crafting, doing sports, and others. This habit will help you stay creative, smart, and happy, which is important if you want to live a healthier life.

Laugh More

They say laughter is the best medicine, and yes, it’s free! Be with people who make you laugh. Watch hilarious videos. Read funny blogs and articles. Laugh more this year – it’s good for your soul.

 Start your 2018 right! Make this year a year of your transformation. Take small, easy steps to building and keeping these healthy habits and you’ll be on your way to having a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.


8 Green Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Posted on 7 December, 2017 at 21:30 Comments comments (0)

The holiday season is here again. Everyone’s busy shopping and decorating their houses with Christmas ornaments. For most of us, the bigger and more colorful decors, the merrier, right? But while it’s great to join in on the celebrations, it’s important that we should also be aware of how we spend and what we use to imbibe the holiday spirit.

Several researches have revealed that the holiday season is the most wasteful season of the year. But we can all do something to reduce waste during the holidays. Choosing green home décors can still make Christmas merry and bright! Here are some inspiring ideas worth trying:

1. Go for energy-efficient lighting

Christmas tree lights and other lighting displays definitely (and literally) make the season bright. For an environmentally-friendly option, choose LED lights and reduce the number of strings and size of the lighting display outside your house. Make sure to turn them off, too, at bedtime to save energy and money.

2. Choose handmade or homemade

Buying handmade or homemade Christmas home décor products from local artisans is a green act. Not only will you have unique décors, you’ll also save money if you support them.

3. Opt for durable ornaments

No matter your theme or motif, it’s best if you choose durable ornaments as you can use them for a longer period of time. Just make some tweaks and you’ll not only have new decors every year. You’ll also have bigger savings.

4. Recycle empty bottles and jars

Old bottles or jars make nice candle holders. Just wrap them with wrapping paper, put lace, tie a pretty ribbon, or add twines and pine cones and you’ll have attractive and eco-friendly dining table pieces or console décors.

5. Repurpose old greeting cards and boxes

If you have old greeting cards and gift boxes piling in your stock room, it’s time to take them out and turn them into something more useful this Christmas. Why not make a wreath made out of those cards or cut and design boxes that you can use as ornaments for your garland? Make this a fun and rewarding bonding activity for the whole family.

6. Decorate with fresh fruits and herbs

A home décor made from fresh fruits and herbs looks and smells amazing. Pick some plants, herbs, and flowers from your garden and arrange them into a wreath that you can hang on your front door. A garland adorned with orange slices and cinnamon dough is also an amazing idea.

7. Make a Christmas-themed bird feeder

Bird feeders are good for the environment. This holiday season, let the birds join the festivities! Hang sunflower seed bird feeders shaped as Christmas trees or stars on your window or lamp post.

8. Keep things simple

Less and simple is more and better, even during the holidays. Cluttered decorations are not attractive, so make sure you don’t overdo it. Your family, guests, and Mother Earth will thank you for keeping things simple and nice.

Enjoying the holiday celebrations while taking care of our environment is possible. Consider these green décor ideas and you’ll make your Christmas this year the most wonderful and eco-friendly time of the year.

6 Sustainable Products You Can DIY

Posted on 15 November, 2017 at 0:00 Comments comments (0)

DIY is fitting for sustainability and environmental awareness efforts. Since more people are becoming interested in going green, we are now increasingly conscious of how we can make our lifestyle more environment-friendly. Creating, modifying, repairing, and recycling things are some of the things we can do to shift to a sustainable lifestyle.

Doing DIY projects – no matter how small or big they are – is not just fun. It is also rewarding. Take a look these sustainable products that you can do on your own!

1  Skin care products


Minimize the toxins your skin absorbs by making your own skin care products. You can nourish your hand and body with a lotion that’s made from shea butter, essential oils, and aloe vera juice. Say goodbye to dry skin and stress by applying body butter made from coconut oil, shea butter, and magnesium to your skin.

2. Beauty items and treatments

Staying pretty while going green is easy! You can make a DIY lip gloss by combining coconut oil, a dab of your old lipstick, and beeswax. You also make your own alcohol-free hairspray using just water, sugar, and essential oils as ingredients.


3. Furniture and home decors

Are you looking to redesign your home the sustainable way? Upcycling or repurposing things is the way to go! You can turn empty milk cans into planters. Just paint and design them as you please. Why not make coasters out of wine bottle corks and old cds wrapped in printed fabrics or non-slip paper? If you have pieces of reclaimed wood, you can also turn them into a console, coffee table, or bench for that rustic home vibe.

4. Accessories

Accessorising using sustainable materials is an excellent idea. Gather fabric scraps, beads, and thin chains that have long been stashed in your drawer and make a ruffled fabric necklace. You can also transform your old oversized denim jeans into a unique and funky tote bag.

5. Herbal medicine

Most people who choose to have a green lifestyle also opt to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs or medicines. Instead, they turn to herbal remedies to cure illnesses or for first aid treatments.

One great example for this would be a ginger honey syrup. This easy-to-make concoction can cure cough. You can also mix extra virgin oil or coconut oil with essential oils such as eucalyptus and lavender to make a good homemade decongestant vapour rub.

6. Fertilizer

Composting is one of the best examples of green living. Do you need a fertilizer for your plants? You can turn your food scraps and other decomposed organic matter into fertilizer! Now plant those seeds and enjoy the beauty of nature in your own backyard.

The products above are only a few examples proving that sustainability and DIY go hand in hand. Making different things while taking care of the environment is certainly possible. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start that green DIY project you have in mind!

5 Benefits of Using Sustainable Home Products

Posted on 7 November, 2017 at 23:50 Comments comments (0)

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle could be the one of the best and wisest decisions we can ever make these days. And opting to use sustainable home products is one great example of our conscious effort to take care of Mother Earth.

Contrary to what some people think, going green doesn’t really require a lot of time, effort, and money. Switching to environment-safe products for the house can be simple, fun, and easy! Here are the amazing benefits of using sustainable home products:

Healthier environment

Having a green home helps a lot in reducing the contamination of our natural resources. If we use sustainable home products, we don’t contribute to pollution. Our environment thus becomes cleaner and healthier.

Improve air quality

Eco-friendly home products improve the air quality inside the house. Using them to clean different places and things inside your home means you and your loved ones will be able to breathe in good-quality air that’s free from strong chemical odours.

Effective and safe to use

Unlike conventional cleaning products, sustainable or environmentally-friendly home cleaning products do not contain harmful chemicals and other toxins that are bad for our health. By using them, you lessen the risk of experiencing chemical burn to your eyes and skin. You or your loved ones are also less likely to develop asthma and other more serious health problems.

Do it yourself

Some simple home cleaning products can be made or formulated using common household items. Vinegar, olive oil, and baking soda are just some of the ingredients that you can use to clean the floors, couches, kitchen tiles, bathroom, and other areas and things in the house.

Less expensive for bigger savings

Since some cleaning ingredients can easily be found inside the house, you can cut your costs on cleaning products. You can now remove certain items from your grocery list especially if you can DIY them.

Going green at home is a simple act that can bring immense benefits. Whether you make and use your own eco-friendly home products or use the ones sold in stores, you are still doing your part in saving the environment. Sustainable living doesn’t require major changes. It can start with minor shifts in product use and even daily habits. Share with us what steps you will be taking today!

6 Stunning Wedding Themes

Posted on 13 October, 2017 at 5:05 Comments comments (0)

A wedding is a momentous social event. For the happy couple getting married, everything about this special occasion has to be on point – from the invitations to the gown, dresses, and suits to the music, flowers, souvenirs, and decors. Though it can be a bit challenging, planning and pulling off the “perfect” wedding can be easier and even more fun and exciting if you have a theme in mind.

No matter your personality and style, you can make your wedding stunning and more memorable! Here is a list of theme ideas that will impress you and your partner, as well as your beloved guests:

Classic Romance

You’ll never go wrong with a classic romance theme if you want a timeless wedding. White with silver and gold or pale pink accents are the best hues. Imagine dainty hung strands of white flowers at the reception venue, elegant chandeliers, beautiful white couches, huge ornate mirrors, and a 12-piece band playing jazz or love songs, and you’ll get that classic romantic vibe.


Old is definitely not “out” because vintage-inspired weddings are so “in” and hot. Choose from ivory, teal, rose, or soft gray for color palette. Lace dresses, dotted or plaid bowties, antique furniture and props, and mason jars or beautifully crafted soaps in lace packaging for souvenirs will definitely give you that vintage feel.


Be close to Mother Nature and celebrate with lots of fresh florals on a garden-themed wedding or trees, vines, and candles for a forest wedding. The key to making the wedding stunning is to work with the amazing, natural landscape and just add some interesting decors like barrels and lamps. Succulents and candles make nice giveaways for these wedding themes.

Romantic Beach

If you are beach lovers, experience the wedding of your dreams with a romantic seaside celebration. Choose crisp whites, blush, and gold or go all-out with vibrant colors like yellow, orange, or purple as you feel the sun, sand, and sea breeze. Serve cocktails and seafood favorites and let everyone dance and groove to some island rhythms.


For a fun and whimsical celebration, why not try a carnival theme for your wedding? It’s a great chance to dress up. Think coupons or tickets for your invitation, tents, colourful balloons and flags, food carts, and lots of games and festive music! Everyone will certainly have an awesome time.

Movie/TV Show Mania

Your theme can even be inspired by your most favourite movie or television show. Whether you are avid fans of Harry Potter, Twilight, or Game of Thrones, the uniqueness of your wedding will make it stunning. If you can’t get married in a legit castle, just make the ceremonial and reception halls like the setting of the movie/show. Seal your invites with wax and give out wands or metal keychains or pendants as souvenirs.

These are just six stunning themes that will make your day more special. Choose what your heart desires and may your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding!

10 Pretty and Practical Wedding Favors

Posted on 6 October, 2017 at 0:25 Comments comments (0)

It’s your big day and you want to make it memorable for you and your guests. We give wedding favors to our family and friends to show our appreciation. These tiny wedding souvenirs can come in different sizes and packages.

Some are consumable like food while others are decorative. Bottom line, you want your guests to enjoy using it and remember you at the same time! To help you decide, here are 10 pretty and practical wedding favor ideas!

1. Soaps

Fragrant and beautiful, soaps are delightful wedding favors. They are easy to package because of its definite shapes. An aromatic giveaway is a feast for the senses!

2. Coasters

Coasters are practical wedding favors. You can design it according to your wedding’s theme. Scrabble coasters are chic giveaways! You can also go for printed cork boards or decoupage tiles.

3. Succulents

Succulents not only beautify your wedding but also your guests’ home. You can use it as beautiful centerpiece décor during your reception and announce that your guests can bring home the succulents!

4. Candles

Candles are also pretty wedding favors that come in different scents and colors. You can even choose the size and packaging of the candles you want to giveaway.

5. Mason jars

Let your guests bring home their drinking glass! Provide vintage mason jars during the reception. Have them personalized if you can. They will surely remember you in every sip!

6. Magnets

Whether big or small, magnets are useful wedding favors that will have a place in your guests’ home or office. Customize it with creative images or patterns to make it a decorative piece!

7. Totes

Tote bags are useful and practical giveaways. You can be sure that your guests will use it regularly. Plus, you can print creative images and words on it. It’s a blank canvas waiting to be designed!

8. Coffee or tea bags

Consumable wedding favors can be tricky. You wouldn’t want something that would spoil easily. Try going for coffee or tea bags! They will last for many cups and conversations.

9. Olive oil

Olive oil has so many uses your guests will be so thrilled to have them! This kitchen staple can be packaged in vintage, reusable glass bottles.

10. Homemade treats

Prepare a treats section where your guests can take home a variety of sweets, nuts, and other delicious munchies. Give them a pretty paper bag where they can place their loot!

These are just some of the many practical wedding favors you can give to your guests on your big day. Don’t stress yourself thinking of something grand to giveaway! After all, it’s the thought that counts. Always. 

Why is the chicken in the tree?

Posted on 16 November, 2015 at 16:35 Comments comments (0)

After came back from the Youth group, our 3 young men came inside the house and said " mum., dad, quick. , there's a fox on the street" ��

Apparently before they drove into the driveway, they saw a larger cat looking thing. , with triangle face, and extra bushy tail. , running on the street. So they came inside the house. , grabbed the touch (and their father) and went out to investigate.

After 15 minutes. , unable to find the fox. , they walked back into the driveway, only to hear from above the head. , a chicken clack, clack sound. ��

They then used the touch towards to the tree, only to discover that our next door neighbors chicken (2 hens & 11 chicks) , all sat on a branch and huddling each other.

Now we know why those chicken kept going up to the tree

The Plus One - Ladies Night Out, Homebush

Posted on 17 August, 2015 at 20:20 Comments comments (0)

Thank You Bridgett!!:)



“A dash of champagne, a flourish of canapés, a handful of stores, a pinch of pampering and a whole heap of freebies.”

That’s the vision statement of the company behind the Ladies Night Out (LNO) pop-up events. LNO Australia offers women play-dates with pampering experiences. Held at the enchanting Waterview Bicentennial Park venue, LNO Homebush delivered a bit of everything in line with their motto.


My night began with a detox foot massage offered by the Arbonne Company. Kathy Webb, a consultant with Arbonne, flew over from Adelaide to do the event. She did not need to hard-sell her products after the massage. The softness of my skin bore testimony to the richness of Arbonne’s quality. I also met Martine Anne Redmann, national President of the Arbonne Brand here in Australia. She combined expert product knowledge with friendliness making me feel anything but just another potential customer target. Try them (www.arbonneinternational.com.au). You won’t go wrong.


As I milled around the room taking in the various products on offer, I felt like I was in some sort of indoor market. The mix of colours and smells transported me to the many markets I visited around the world. This one was uniquely targeted for women. My milling around took me to the handbag stall, DAK Sydney. Debbie Knudson, the owner is a former air hostess with fashionable panache. Her handbags adorned a triangle corner in the middle of the room. “I’ve always wanted to provide good fashionable bags at affordable prices,” she said. I was intrigued by her company name and found out the romantic history behind it. DAK is an abbreviation for Debbie’s husband name Dexter and her middle name, Angela. “K” is short form for Knudson. The couple decided to define the name in the end with the word ‘Sydney.” It’s the city in which they fell in love. “Fashion is something I’ve always wanted to be involved in,” Debbie told me. I noticed the number of brands on display – from Italian to Iranian and South American. I asked her how authenticates her brands. “My husband and I have been selling bags long enough to understand the technical aspects of what makes a good bag. Good bags have obvious attention to detail.” Obviously intrigued by this statuesque figure with so many personal bags it fills a room; I lingered around her a little longer. After all, it’s not just about buying a bag but about the conversation that flows around the product. That’s what women want; conversation, value for money and attentive pampering.


“I like to acquire pieces that transcend from one occasion to another. I want to help customers get something for all seasons. Bags should be classy and convenient. Women should be able to put their makeup and everything else in these bags but still feel stylish carrying it. Bags shouldn’t be limiting,” Debbie said when I asked her about how she chooses her products. “I want my customers to feel like I’ve bought a bag from DAK Sydney but they didn’t feel exploited.” Well, I didn’t get exploited by Debbie that night. I bought nothing from her but I did jump online afterwards to scout for the Iranian handbag I have my eye on. I have to agree with Debbie when she told me that women love buying handbags because they make statements about who they are with the type of bag they carry on their shoulder. “Women display their earning power, fashion savvy awareness and prestige all through a bag,” Debbie said. Ladies, jump online to DAK Sydney www.daksydney.com.au) and allow Debbie to help you make your own fashion statement with your new bag.


My next stop was at the pretty Soap de Villa stall where I smelled an array of different soaps. Rebecca, the owner of the company prides herself on the company being Australian owned. The company caters for weddings and special events. I was so impressed with her table that I bought some soap for myself. The wrapping is handmade and a standout feature aside from the product. If you’re getting married or need products for an event, pay them a visit. www.soapdevilla.com.au


LNO is indeed a unique Ladies night out pampering experience. The next time you see an advert for one of these experiences grab yourself a ticket. Let Australian businesses pamper you for three hours. They’ll even throw in a few free samples in their goodie bag just for you.


– Bridgett

Bridgett Leslie is the 2014 Winner of the British-Australian Literary Award. Visit her at https://twitter.com/bridgettleslie